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Best Hotels Online Hotel Booking lodging Cheap Paris Hotel reviews Hotels Clean Hotels advice -text c-gray-1" >Peak Design is known for its trendy (and pricey) camera bags and straps -- it's the kit du jour for photographers and vloggers. And now it's adding a travel tripod to the fold. It might not be the most exciting product launch ever, but it looks like the company has put a lot of thought into its design, and it packs a pretty powerful punch in terms of on-the-go features.

While traditional tripods are bulky and take up space, Peak Design's Travel Tripod has legs that nest perfectly together, achieving a maximum diameter of just 3.25 inches (around the same as a water bottle) while still boasting a height of 58.5 inches, so it's pretty portable. Additionally, the tripod head comes with a single adjustment ring for super-fast camera attachment. The ball head measures 3.25 inches, so it aligns with the tripods overall profile, and can still accommodate a full frame DSLR with a telephoto lens. Other handy features include a universal phone mount, bubble level and hook for counterweights.

Travel Tripod is available with carbon fiber or aluminum legs, and, as you'd expect, comes with a hefty price tag of $600 / $350 respectively. Get in quick for a pre-sale discount on Peak Design's Kickstarter, or get it Best Hotels in Paris time for your vacation when it goes on sale with the usual major retailers later this summer.

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