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Hyundai navigation using BlueLink. The navigation system of Hyundai makes the list because it boasts elaborate 3D maps or nifty features. No, this solid-state-memory-based method (one of the first on the OEM market, by the way) makes our record as it's easy, quick, and cheap. It has all you will need to get from point A you don't. That's not to say the system is bare bones: SiriusXM weather and traffic along with the BlueLink telematics service of Hyundai bolster its tech cred. Take a look at the brand new edition of the system in the 2012 Hyundai Veloster.

OEM Navigation and Infotainment Options in Lexus. Your first consideration when looking at Lexus' new navigation system in the 2013 Lexus GS 350 could be exactly the same as mine was : "Good grief, that is a large ol' display!" The GS' big 12.3-inch LCD provides the user lots of real estate for viewing a map split-screen with path details split-screen again together with sound source information. Or you could just devote the whole screen. If you loved this article and you would like to get more info with regards to einbauhilfe blog generously visit the web-page. Connect a smartphone to unlock your Enform system's integration with Bing and also Yelp destination hunt, showtimes, along with OpenTable reservations.

First There Was Gps, then There Was Infotainment. The global positioning system (GPS) has been initially developed during the 1970s, but it did not become fully functional until 1994. Quite a few automakers reap the benefits of this technologies, soon after the machine became accessible.

Convenience vs. Usability. Every OEM infotainment system is different, but all the major automakers have proceeded involving integrated infotainment systems in recent years. That degree of integration makes them convenient, but it has also resulted in usability issues. According to a study performed by J.D. Power and Associates, most consumer complaints about OEM navigation systems are related to ease of usage. The learning curve could be somewhat steep considering these infotainment methods tend to get integrated with climate controls, radios and other devices. As it tends to pull on a motorist's eyes from the street, the system has been singled out as a major distraction.

Assessing the Options. You may want to look at a few of them out before you purchase your next new vehicle because infotainment systems have been integrated into many new vehicles. GPS navigation may not be that high on your list of priorities, after you get a car or truck, but you stuck with whatever you need. Each infotainment system also offers a laundry list of different features, and a few, for example UVO, are built across a multimedia experience instead of navigation. If so, you will have the choice to go with the aftermarket GPS device of your choice.

OEM Navigation and Infotainment Options at Kia. Kia offers a few infotainment options that are different. Their UVO program comprises a CD player and music jukebox, and it's capable of interfacing with Bluetooth-enabled mobiles. These programs have performance like rear-view cameras and voice commands. However, UVO doesn't feature built-in GPS navigation. It replaces UVO, although Kia does offer a navigation bundle.

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