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BBQ is blessed with assorted contexts across a variety of cultures. In the Philippines, it is almost always associated with meat; either chicken or pork skewered onto a stick and accessible in small eateries round the nooks of cities.

smok'd boholBut barbeque is usually associated with the United States, with canteen-like, family-oriented restaurants smoking meats for a number of hours before serving them. Thanks to the trend explosion in Manila, 2016, many restaurants now continue with the authentic American way, popping up in various spots in metros.

America away from home, if anything, has been made possible by Smok’d - a Bohol-based emerging traditional food restaurant in the Philippines - in Panglao. From ribs to pizza, pulled pork, pork belly burnt ends, and every other sort of protein; this BBQ go-to is honored as one of the contemporary smoked alona beach food restaurants in the Asian republic. Lush, exciting, juicy, tender and mouth-watering, Smok’d’s meals is simply a living embodiment of magical throw-togethers.

Barbecue, a thing which most are yet to acknowledge a single spelling, has to be the most debated in the culinary world. If you are familiar with the American food genre, you’d know what gets referred to as smoked meals changes from place to place. There’s Texas, Memphis, Kansas and Carolina BBQ styles, each with improvements and tastes. The away-from-the-U.S smoked food trattoria called Smok’d brings flavour profiles from all these regions.

Smok’d may be the only BBQ restaurant in Panglao, within the wake of limited food options such asKorean, Chinese,and Italian. The smoked food spot brings variety to Panglao with thoroughly-smoked, tender, and flavor-bursting meats for lovers of American BBQ.

This newly launched smokehouse is packing several American punches and delivering these phones the Philippines, disrupting center space of Bohol islands using a breath-taking experience.

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