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Though all scents designed to be worn may have the same basic principle at their core, i.e., to make the wearer smell great, they can differ greatly in their aroma and the type of sensory stimulation that they bring about. Modern perfumes are often categorized into fragrance families, for example spicy, woody, floral, herbal, aqueous, powdery, or musky. Understanding how these scents differ can help to ensure that you make the right choice no matter what function or event you are to attend.
Citrus family scents are made in part from ripe fruit peels. They are usually extracted through the processes of steam distillation or pressing, for this reason they are extremely volatile and can dissipate quickly. The actual aromas that they imbibe are both zesty and fresh.
If a scent is described as being part of the fruits family grouping, this means that the scent has compounds that have been sourced from actual fruits as well as leaves, seeds, and stems. The scents in this category are typically strong and long lasting.
The floral family of fragrances, as is suggested by the name, comes from a variety of flowering plants. They typically stay longer on the skin as their oils evaporate slower than those of citrus based scents. They are extracted with the use of solvents as well as through pressing and steam distillation. It is said that this family is the most versatile and works well alongside other fragrances.
Perfumes classified as coming from the herbs and spices family are extremely unique. The oils that are used in their manufacture are steam distilled from the roots, bark, leaves, seeds, and flowers of herbal plants and certain trees. Generally, they are strong, slow to evaporate, and long lasting. They have an allure that is mature and somewhat erotic.
The woods family feature oils extracted from various parts of trees, including needles, roots, and the actual wood. The aromas that form part of this category are described as being bitter, earthy, and green. They are among the slowest to evaporate and longest lasting of all aroma oils.
There are other perfume types that cannot be easily categorized into any specific group, these include perfumes that are food based, seasonal, and almost odorless. On a cautionary note, be aware that some scents when launched are claimed by their designers to be so unique that they cannot be placed into any family grouping, but most often this is just marketing talk.

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