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Finding self storage units can be difficult. If you are looking in the Nottinghamshire area, there is a selection of providers to choose from. Consider the following areas when considering storage units in Nottingham.

Your Requirements

Carefully consider what you require from your self storage in Nottingham. Your storage unit company should be able to offer a range of units in different sizes, with single and double door access and extra large access doors for vans and lorries.

You should also look for storage units in Nottingham which enable you to drive up to the door. For large or awkward items this is essential but, despite this, some unit providers expect you to navigate your items up sets of stairs or through lifts. This may, at worst, be impossible, or at best, be time-consuming and awkward.

If you are planning to store smaller items such as files of documents, ensure that your storage providers ares able to furnish your unit with racking.

Access & Location

Even if you are storing your items for long time periods, 24 hour access should be on your priorities. 24 hour access guarantees you able to get to your unit at any time of day, whenever is most convenient for you. If you will require regular transportation of the items stored in your Nottingham storage units, look for a location which is close to the M1, for easy cross-country moves, and close to the city centre if this is where your new home or business premises are going to be based.


Security should be one of your highest priorities when looking for self storage in Nottingham. Most storage units require you to bring or purchase a padlock, but for extra peace of mind ensure your location has CCTV with 24 hour coverage and night vision. In addition to CCTV you may want your Trusted storage companies in Bangalore units in Nottingham to have a gate and intruder alarm system with a unique PIN code for access. You may also wish to consider insuring your items.

Price & Contract

Whether you require self storage in Nottingham for domestic or business use, short term or long term, you are unlikely to want to be tied into a long-term contract. Some providers offer just a 1 month notice required instant occupancy and no start up costs.

Those are the main considerations when finding storage units in Nottingham. As long as your self storage is easily accessed, appropriate, safe and affordable you will enjoy a successful storage solution which suits your needs.

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