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Text message marketing is a means of reaching customers through the medium of SMS. Utilizing a web-based system, it is possible to send bulk texts to subscribing customers or consumers whom decide set for exactly the same. It is possible to arranged promotions where discount coupons are delivered immediately in the long run, engage clients in polls and questionnaires, or even run a sweepstakes contest.

texting serviceHowever, you need to be wondering what more can be carried out having a medium that is single right? There is a many more waiting for you than it seems, continue reading to understand. Here are a few extra things you can do with SMS Marketing:

Discount coupons: Send your loyal customers or customers exclusive deals. Uniquely created online coupons that you deliver across to your customers prevent non-subscribers from benefiting from your deal.

Drip campaigns: automatic messages are sent dependent on just how long your prospects have actually subscribed for similar. In the context of discount coupons, for instance, you may send a 10per cent off coupon right after signing up, a 20% voucher after 3 months and a 50% off coupon after 2 months of the consumer's subscribing. This operates automatically as soon as a client indications up, so you don't have to keep sending messages that are individual.
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Poll: By texting different keywords your clients can now cast a vote just with the usage of SMS. Most services allow you to run polls where you collect reactions over a length time and graph them from your own online dashboard. Appears cool, appropriate?

Groups: It is possible to divide customers into teams depending on which keyword they react to, the way they voted in a poll, according to their area rule and more. Segmenting your web visitors enables you to send more targeted promotions and coupons, which will be more individual and they will relate genuinely to it too.

Send Photos and Videos: Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Marketing is just a development that is fairly new which you can deliver pictures and videos to clients. This is especially of good use should you want to send a flyer or restaurant menu up to a customer.

Location-based Marketing: Send different communications to clients based on their location. For instance: in case a client is about your restaurant, you'll send them a text informing them about the meal for the day or discounts available at your restaurant.

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