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Users who are still using windows xp systems should know more about the NTFS partition format. Many users will use the system's own EFS to encrypt some important data. The EFS encryption system is transparent to users. This means that if you encrypt some data, then your access to this data will be completely allowed, and will not be subject to any restrictions. When other unauthorized users attempt to access the encrypted data, they receive an error message "Access Denied". However, some users have reported that if the personal encryption certificate and key file are not backed up before reinstalling the system, the encrypted file cannot be accessed or even deleted. So we need to back up the digital certificate, then how to back it up? The following Xiaobian teach you the specific operation method!

The method of operation is as follows:

1, mouse click 'Start' menu, select 'Run' option, in the pop-up dialog box, enter the 'MMC' character command;

2, open the 'console' interface, click 'File', 'Add/Remove Snap-in' option, click 'Add' button;

3. Double-click on the 'Certificate' option in the 'Management Unit' column to bring up the 'Certificate Management Unit' window. If a non-administrator user logs in, the 'certificate' will be loaded automatically.

4, administrator login, click 'My User Account', and then click 'Finish';

5, return to the 'console root node', to the 'personal' and 'trusted person' branch to view or look for;

6, select a certificate, in the right side of the 'expected purpose' column can understand the purpose of issuing the certificate, right-click the certificate, select 'All Tasks', 'Export', open the 'Certificate Export Wizard', follow the prompts to .


The above is the specific operation steps of digital certificate backup under xp system. For those users who reinstall the system, in order to avoid the encrypted file can not be accessed, or even not allowed to delete, you may wish to learn the tutorial, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

These are the contents prepared by Yunqi Community Xiaobian carefully for you. You can also use the search button in the upper right corner to search for backups, encryption, etc. in the blogs, questions and answers, public numbers, characters, and courses of Yunqi Community. System, certificate, user digital certificate xp system backup, xp one-button backup and restore system, xp system backup and restore software, xp system backup how to do, xp system how to backup, so that you get more relevant knowledge.

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