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Pokemon episodes are the most popular names in the vast animated world, which need no introduction. And as it comes to its characters, the name of Ash Ketchum comes first among all. Ash is one of the three main protagonists, who are featured in this Japanese animated show. He is the one, whom everyone loves to watch in the show. Fans are nutty to be with him to cherish his world of adventures. In a nut shell, it wouldn�t be wrong if we say that he is the soul of the show.

After knowing some of his features that turn the viewers on to watch Pokemon online, if you are also willing to know more, then follow this write-up. You will soon get to completely explore Ash�s capabilities.

Ash Ketchum, who is also known as Satoshi, is a ten year old fictional character in Pokemon episodes. This animated character has carved a special place in the hearts of his fans with his angry young man looks. He usually wears a cap on his head and always can be caught in the show with his a yellow colored creature Pikachu. Ash is a daring character with unique skills, who aspires to be the world�s best Pokemon trainer.

Ash was first introduced as Satoshi, after the name of Pokemon series creator Satoshi Tajiri. But during the broadcast of this anime series in America, this character�s name was changed to Ash Ketchum. He is so much popular among the fans that he has become the first and foremost reason for them to watch this incredible animated show Pokemon via streaming way online.

Most of Ash�s lovers may be not aware of the fact that this ten year old character is voiced by 32 year old renowned voice over actress Veronica Taylor. Though Ash is featured in the series as a male character, but Veronica�s voice does wonders for Ash. Taylor�s voice is considered appropriate for Ash, as it is low down and rough. Taylor also put in her best efforts to match Ash�s energy and excitement level in Pokemon episodes.

Poles apart from the animated world, Ash is also well-acquainted with the business world. He has become a promoter of thousands of products, which generally carry attractive posters of Ash. He can be seen on clothes, caps, school bags and several other things being used by kids. Despite being a fictional anime character, he has established his own unique niche among mortals, who simply love to watch Pokemon episodes.

If you also aspire to have the honor to be with Ash, then Pokemon episodes are the best for you.

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