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USBoot is a very powerful U disk boot disk production tool, USBoot has the characteristics of convenient operation, small size, etc., through a simple setting can help you set the U disk boot disk, you can also back up and restore the U disk data .

1, boot processing, only boot processing, do not format the disk.

2, HDD mode, partition by hard disk and format.

3, ZIP mode, simulation ZIP disk format.

4. Use 0 to reset the parameters and use 0 to clear the U disk key data.

5. Use 1 to reset the parameters and use 1 to clear the U disk key data.

6. Back up the file and back up the U disk contents to a file.

7. Restore from the file and restore the U disk contents from the file.

8. Export important fans and export the U disk's important sectors for analysis.

1, easy to operate, many projects have navigation.

2, through a simple setting can help you set the U disk boot disk.

3, to provide guidance, you can complete the operation according to the system prompts.

4. The software is compact and does not consume content.

5. The U disk data can be backed up and restored.

1. Insert the U disk to be formatted into the USB interface of the computer, and click the mouse on the U disk list that pops up;

2, be careful not to choose to the hard disk, we must choose U disk, U disk capacity of a plate within 8G. If you inadvertently format your computer's hard disk, you will have serious consequences for data recovery. Click \u0026ldquo; Click here to select the working mode \u0026 rdquo; Select 'ZIP' mode;

3, mouse click \u0026ldquo; start \u0026 rdquo; button;

4, mouse click \u0026ldquo; OK \u0026 rdquo; button;

5, mouse click \u0026ldquo; is \u0026rdquo; button;

6, according to the prompts U disk out of the USB interface;

7. According to the prompt, insert the U disk into the USB interface again;

8, U disk formatted boot disk successfully, take away U disk;

9, after the production is completed, enter the BIOS, the first boot item (First? Boot) selected as U disk, the motherboard should be able to detect your U disk;

10, save the settings, restart, and then you can enter DOS.

1, improved the operation of large-capacity U disk

If you are you looking for more information regarding usb backup of windows 10 check out the web-page.

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