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The ThinkPad SL400 27437MC I owned was purchased in Beijing in mid-October of 2008 because the young woman urgently used it. Before the purchase, I already explained the price and the steps of the inspection to my daughter. The machine was bought by her daughter and her classmate in Zhongguancun. The purchase process was not complicated at all. After verifying the original packaging, the machine was unpacked on the spot and no bright spots or dead spots were found. The system was normally started, ok, packaged, paid, and left. The invoice was forgotten to bring back Beijing, so the final price was unclear to me. There were less than 6,000 in less than 6,000. At that time, the store sent screen film, keyboard membrane, mouse, and package. After the daughter said: The store smiles with teeth, this may be the shortest time for the store to sell the black one...

I already knew the difficulty of the partitioning of the machine, so I specifically told her not to move any original partition and use it directly. Everything went home after the end of the semester.

During the period due to use is not easy to remove the original band office2007, modified office2003. Xiao Hei was very lively and had been using it normally until the semester ended.

The first thing to do after returning home was to have her daughter back up all her own data, and then I started the difficult process of tame ThinkPad SL400. I experienced many twists and turns during this period. Because many of the setbacks are not caused by humans, for the sake of everyone's detours in the future, they are stated in more detail here for reference.

Here special note: The earliest plan is to use the Spring Festival holiday, the notebook is not in a hurry to use the Vist Home, Vista Ultimate, WindowsXP system installation and use testing, and did not expect to encounter such a setback in the partition...

I clearly remember that at the beginning stage, I had successfully partitioned with PQ. In the process of using the PQ partition, the hard disk drive mode does not usb backup software free -, need to be modified to a compatible mode, and the size of the C disk can be freely adjusted, and the D disk is directly created, and one-click recovery is smooth. At that time, I was conducting experiments with Vist Home and Windows XP. I thought that the confusion of the partitions mentioned on the Internet was an example, or that I was fortunate to switch to the Vista Ultimate version. When the system Vista Ultimate is successfully restored to the hard disk, the system hard disk can not be recognized by the PQ. Since then, PQ has been unsuccessful even after restoring the Vista Home Basic version using the 'Original Recovery CD'. Moreover, although the Pangon Partition Manager partitioning tool under WinPE can be identified, the Q disk is basically in the 'red' error state. As for what reason, it is not known. In addition, no further testing of Windows XP has been conducted since then. Because no such 'BT test' was planned at the time, no detailed records were recorded. Later I discovered that I had such a setback before I remembered to record the process so that everyone would not follow the same detour as I did in the future. This brings us to the following "BT test". Please be patient and look down.

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