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At times, persons who entered the US through a visitor visa might want to extend B-1/B-2 status or switch to B-1/B-2 status from another status. In such cases, the applicant must be able to show that the extended stay is temporary, and that he/she intends to return to his/her home country as soon as the status expires.

Pollsters, we must remember, are businesses. If they were to put out headlines stating "Conservatives approve of conservatives and liberals approve of liberals," who'd read it? So they have to put a spin on their stories that attract attention. And it's always newsworthy to humble the powerful - like Congress.

The elites of both political parties are sending the message that the border will remain unsecured to potential illegals in Mexico and around the world. If you liked this short article and you would like to acquire additional info about US Immigration Lawyer (this content) kindly stop by our own website. This message is also enthusiastically received by the end-users of illegal alien labor and the beneficiaries of all the new illegal alien consumers who keep these politicians in office. The Chamber of Commerce heads the list.

A long-time immigration lawyer tells Montini, "after all the expense and resources put into this law, were the employers the real target?" It is a question that begs an answer. As it stands, the law is there, appeasing those that want strict Immigration California, but without the tools needed to prosecute, what good is it? If employers faced a real threat of losing their business license, they would think twice before hiring illegal workers, and illegal immigrants would think twice before crossing the border into Arizona to seek work. Problem solved.

Crime is higher today than it otherwise would be without the amnesty. The birthrate to illegal aliens and those amnestied has added to the number of young men who make up the cohort of the prime crime age group, 14 - 24 year olds. We already have crime. The result of the amnesty is that we have more crime.

Cooperative and open communication: Your lawyer should be cooperative and helpful towards you. He should answer the entire preliminary question and should discuss with your spouse freely regarding green card marriage process. Some lawyers are very cooperative and comfortable to work with while some are not.

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