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id="mod_39394313">This walkthrough will cover the first 2-4 hours of beginning gameplay within Stronghold Kingdoms; then go more indepth on skill-building for various types of worlds - including Army & Castle skill-building for specialization in Military worlds.

You can buy and trade cards in Stronghold Kingdoms How Much Does it Cost to Play Stronghold Kingdoms Online?
While Stronghold Kingdoms is a Free-to-Play MMO, if you allow yourself to become too addicted to it - you might find yourself spending money on extra crowns for more premium tokens and cards, etc. They can make the game easier and faster to play - but they are not necessary, really. It can be completely free fun if you have the patience and willpower to resist temptation (and you can play around those ‘heavy carders' that I was telling you about in the game review).

This panel will come up when you click on the 'Time to Next Card' button that is labelled, below. However, if you have a little bit of money to put into Stronghold Kingdoms; I do suggest spending at least the two $5 minimum crown purchases that the game recommends as you start to level up. There are also other larger packages that you can purchase if you want to get serious, fast. But, the minimum will (eventually, if you are a noob) kick you up to ‘Veteran' status to receive two cards a day instead of one. Plus, by the time you level up to that point, you should know if you like the game well enough to want to sink money into it.

Every once in a while, you may also want to purchase additional crowns just to get an influx of new cards. But, if you keep yourself within your budget limits, Stronghold Kingdoms does not have to become a money hog. I drop $8 - $15 into the game roughly every four to six weeks; and I look at it as if it is my personal, customized subscription plan that I initiate and control.

Regardless of whether you choose to buy more cards or not - you will have the opportunity to win more cards and other prizes as you continue to play the game. If you don't choose to purchase extras, just expect cards to trickle in slowly - which will result in slower ranking. However, for some casual gamers, this is no big deal.

Cards are always good because you can trade the ones you don't need in for the ones that you do. The beginning, in-game tutorial will show you more about cards within the Stronghold Kingdoms User Interface.

Starting Over in Stronghold Kingdoms
It is a little difficult to create another new account within Stronghold Kindgoms after one has been created - the game creators do not make it easy in order to cut down on players cheating; although they still seem to have problems with this issue as most MMO's do. However, many new players (like me) find it almost necessary to do after we have learned how the game is played so that we could start over ‘the right way'.

Hopefully, this walkthrough will help minimize that for new players. One of the biggest problems within some of the Stronghold Kingdoms worlds is high player turnover. Keeping new players ‘put' within the game instead of them jumping out because they feel like they need to start over - would help a lot.

However, if you are at the point of wishing you knew a few more things before you got as far as you have within the game… I'll tell you how to start over with a new account in here. It will be easier to explain how to do that when we get that far.

Where to Download Stronghold Kingdoms
Stronghold Kingdoms Online is an MMO real-time, strategy, castle-building game that was officially released from Beta in October 2012. It was developed by Firefly Studios based on their successful Stronghold video game series.

You can download the game for free a couple of different ways:

1) Through Valve's Steam Client if you have a Steam Account

2) Directly through the Stronghold Kingdoms website

Stronghold Kingdoms MMO Game Trailer
IMPORTANT - Creating a New Account
The first thing you will do is create a Stronghold Kingdoms account - either as you log into the game for the first time (if you're coming through a previously-established Steam Account); or it is the first step on the official website.

They don't tell you this… but in both places, the username you sign up with is your character name and it cannot be changed. You only get one account with one character; and this is the avatar name you will be known as to every player you cross paths with no matter which world you are playing in.

It is a good idea to make your username something a bit generic if you plan on creating different game stories in each world; although some players simply recreate their same villages and storylines over and over again. Also, you probably don't want your High Lord or Lady to be seen as something like, ‘hunk1957' while you're helping to either conquer or tame the land.

Usernames can be two words in caps and small letters with a space in between to allow for the creation of a title and/or first name along with a surname. Neat, huh? Special characters can also be used to create unique usernames.

Try to make it a creative role-playing name, at least for aesthetics sake in the game. Although, don't expect much roleplaying… It ‘can' be a roleplayers game; but most players in Stronghold Kingdoms don't really seem to be into that aspect of gameplay for some reason (there are always exceptions).

Choosing a world within Stronghold Kingdoms Choosing a World
There are several world options - including a really fun new AI or Player vs. Environment (PvE) world called ‘Rise of the Wolf' that is currently in Beta. You will see two button choices at the top for access to both the normal Player vs. Player (PvP) worlds and the AI world. (AI = Artificial Intelligence or Game Generated Enemies)

Don't start with the AI world until you get the hang of things in one of the normal worlds, first. There is still much social interaction in both games (including PvP - the PvE world also includes this. Firefly's marketing is a little ‘off' and many people come in thinking that it will be easier to play because they believe it will be solely PvE).

But, the AI world moves much faster from the beginning and is a hardcore game world to play in. Trust me, I exaggerate not. It is a world that sends ranked (and veteran) Princes and Princesses running from it screaming with their tails tucked between their legs.

I will talk about the ‘wolf world' a little more in here because it is the most fun world to play, in my opinion. If you end up liking Stronghold Kingdoms, you will definitely want to try it out. But, it isn't for everyone and it has a lot of turnover. Wait, you'll be glad you did.

Click on the question mark next to each world's 'Play' button to view the stats. Pay attention to the Roman Numerals next to each world. Those will tell you which ‘Age' that world has progressed to. If you click on the ‘?' button next to each world's ‘Play' button, it will tell you how many registered players there are; what age the world has progressed to; how many days the world has been active; and how many houses are left in the Glory Race. Some worlds are newer while others have been around for years.

If you are a beginner, you will probably want to start out in a world at Age Three or lower (ideally, Age I) - because you can't sell & buy weapons from the parishes in the more advanced Ages, and it is really handy to be able to do that. Plus, there are other reasons, I'm sure.

After you choose a world, the game will give you the option of choosing your own destination manually - or you can choose to have the game automatically place your village.

Stronghold Kingdoms World Map World Choices:
(there may be more and/or other server options depending on where you are at in the world)

World 1 - 9: are played in the medieval British Isles of Ireland, Scotland and England.

USA 1 -3: are played on a fictional medieval United States map.

Europe 1 -3: are played on a large European map inclusive of The British Isles.

NEW as of 10/2015: Global Conflict played on a full map of the entire world!!

PvE / AI World, Rise of the Wolf World: in Beta, but is running fairly smooth, if more than a little out of balance. Another British Isles map, players need to unite in order to survive the attacking AI armies that are trying to take over the land - as opposed to fighting other players (as much) who are trying to conquer. PvP play DOES also exist in this world.

Stronghold Kingdoms in-game Tutorial First Thing - In Game Tutorial
After your village is planted in Stronghold Kingdoms, you will meet a kind Knight who will take you through a tutorial to show you the ropes. After you finish with this tutorial and before you move onto other fun things… Complete the list below in order as best as you can to get the things you need rolling as quickly as possible.

Don't worry if things get away from you - just refer back to this list to help you get back on track. But, you start out with only so many resources; and the game is pretty good at being generous at the beginning if you take advantage of these ‘beginning things'.

Stronghold Kingdoms gives you five peacetime days to prepare your castle for a PvP attack. Those are unlikely to happen right away, but they also certainly can happen. However, AI Castles in the form of Enemy Seige Camps within the game can and will attack you before that. So you want to build your village with the idea in the back of your mind of eventually (and soon) building a strong castle defense.

If you generally follow the walkthrough below, you should have a good start in the game as far as village and domestic skills go. Don't worry about your castle until you get at least this far; because your village needs to have good production going in order to flow smoothly. If your village is a mess, you probably won't have enough resources to build your castle; and new villagers won't arrive and you will have no army.

I will also go into military and castle building when we get that far.

A Premium Token allows for building and skill ques among other things. Premium Tokens
Take advantage of the 2-day premium token that you have been given by queuing up skills and buildings - while saving some resources for the Market building that you are going to need. It will cost you plenty, so don't go crazy with building until you get that one down. If you follow the instructions below, it should be easy. You will also receive more building materials as you complete some of these beginning quests.

After this token runs out, you have to buy and/or win more. They are not necessary, but premium tokens are handy at the beginning of Stronghold Kingdoms when you are learning and building things faster, especially.

Stronghold Kingdoms Skill Panel First Skill Que
You can que six skills at a time. You start out with thirteen skill points, and gain a mere three more each time you are promoted - so use them wisely. You can also buy more skill points, but they will become more and more expensive. Start your skill que and then move down to the building que below while you are learning them - returning to add to your que, as skills are completed.

Skills take more and more time to learn like everything else, so it is important to learn the ones you ‘need now' - while taking on other education to make learning go faster and cheaper, for later. These skills can be somewhat toggled; but they are listed in relative order of priority and should be the ones to shoot for with your first 24 skill points:

You've already earned an ‘Arts' skill during the tutorial; and you also already have one Apple Orchard, Woodcutting and Stone Production skill.

Now you need these skills for building resources, villager health, beginning quests and merchant sales for gold:

Dairy Farming for one bubble (which is your first quest to complete)
Plough (for two bubbles) which will also open up Hops Farming and eventually Bread/Wheat & Vegetable Farms, etc.
Hops Farming (two bubbles)
Banqueting (one bubble - for a beginning quest)
Hunting (one bubble - for a beginning quest)
Apple Orchard (four more bubbles)
Dairy Farming (four more bubbles)
Stone Production (four more bubbles)
Wood Production (four more bubbles)
Mathematics (one bubble to start opening the market and merchant skill)

Beginning Building in Stronghold Kingdoms First Building Que
During the tutorial, you should have built an Apple Orchard, a Woodcutters Hut and a Stonecutter.

1) Build a second Apple Orchard while you are studying up on Dairy Farming - which is your first quest. Put Apple & Dairy Farms - and all food production, really - right up against the granary/storage hut or as close to it as possible for best production.
2) After you study Dairy Farming, build a Dairy Farm right away, which is your second quest.
3) Place two more Woodcutter Huts
4) One Hovel from the ‘Town Buildings' tab to make room for more villagers to arrive. Place the hovel close to the Village Hall but a little away to create room for up to 10 more people. Save the room ‘right up against' the Village Hall to place Honor Statues & Buildings for the highest bonuses when you get that far, later.

Pause for a bit.

Stronghold Kingdoms Quest Panel About Quests
Make sure you are ‘choosing' the quest in the quest tab so that you get credit for them - although you will get credit for some of these beginning ones, anyway. We are actually working towards completing some of them that you have probably not seen yet just by completing skills and building in this order. If you don't see them, you will come to them, soon.

But, get into the habit of keeping a quest up to work on - they are the fastest way to advance in the game. And be sure to go back after you complete each quest to collect the reward and put up a new one.

At this point, with the exception of Wolf Dens and Bandit Camps... for any quest that requires you to attack (or Scout) someone or something else, click on the red ‘X' along the right side. They can be restored, later. This takes those things out of the to-do list until you are ready for them. (You'll know when you are ready. If you're not sure, you probably are not.)

Scouting another players castle without permission is considered an act of war; because it is usually the first thing to do just prior to an attack. However, it is also a typical newb mistake within Stronghold Kingdoms; so sometimes you can catch a break - but don't count on it, ha!

Parish Tab Navigation How to Complete the `Parish Introduction� and Donation Quests & VOTE
New players often have a hard time finding the navigations for these two quests. The third tab in from the left at the top of your screen is the ‘Parish Capital' tab… It will take you into a sort of running commentary/blog on the parish. Within this ‘blog' you will see other tabs, including ANOTHER ONE that says, ‘Parish'. This is the place where you need to introduce yourself to complete the introduction quest.

You can access all of the parish information from within this panel by clicking on the other tabs related to it AT THE TOP - in much the same way that you access the different panels for your village. You can see the parish village, castle, troops, etc… and also VOTING for the Parish Steward. You get three votes a day per village; and you can either hold onto them or give them to someone - including yourself.

Within the ‘Parish Village' tab is where you make donations. Click on a building that has already been placed by the Steward; and it will give you options for donating to upgrade it.

Stronghold Kingdoms Rank Tab Character Leveling and Rank
You will also be ranking up during this time; and that will be adding more skill points for your skill que. Pay attention to the Rank Tab at the top - you will see an ‘up' arrow when you level up; but you have to go inside that panel to click on the button in order for that information to update in the game.

Low Taxes and High Food & Ale Rations Make for Happy Denizens Making Denizens Happy
Click on the Village Tab at the top of the screen. On the right side, there are menus - click on the top one for ‘Popularity Information'.

In the same way that the Knight showed you in the tutorial to increase or decrease taxes to make people happy; you do the same with food and ale, etc. You were given some food to start with; and you have more coming into storage. Go ahead and increase the amount of food rations per person. Later, after you get the Inn and Hops farm put down, increase the villager's rations for ale, too. They will start arriving much faster. Bribe them for a while on top of that if you want the fastest influx of new people.

In this menu, you can also see how much food/ale is being produced by your villagers; as well as how much they are consuming based on the amount of rations you are allowing them. The happier they are, the faster they will come to your village. You can also choose to higher their taxes when they are happy if you aren't in need of new people.

Additionally, at the top of your screen next to the Bed Icon, you'll see the numbers 7/8 (after you get the buildings above built). This means that you have seven denizens working and eight (or eighteen) beds available. The hovel will allow room for 10 more villagers to arrive.

You'll also see a Face Icon next to the Bed Icon with a number beside it. This is how many unemployed villagers are available - you should see ‘1 or ‘11' at this point (if you have the hovel built).

Basic Avatar in Stronghold Kingdoms Avatar Stats, including rank within the game. Customizing a Character & Naming a Village
Character Creation is actually not the first step in Stronghold Kingdoms; so you can pause to tinker with your game avatar when you have a lull during building & skills. Character creation is very generic. You will see your avatar along the right side of the main game screen. Click on the name of your avatar to edit the appearance.

Everyone starts out with the same basic avatar that is then easy to customize later as being male or female: facial features; hair style & color; outfit, etc. There is not much of a difference between male and female characters; and sometimes it can be kind of difficult to tell the difference until they start to rank into gender-specific roles like ‘Knight/Lady' or ‘Prince/Princess'.

Also, you can customize your village name by clicking on the ‘Settings' drop-down menu at the top of the screen. You will see the village option, ‘Rename Current Village'.

Stronghold Kingdoms Avatar Customization Starting Over with a New Account in Stronghold Kingdoms
In order to start over with a new account, you first have to sort of 'deactivate' the first one. You can do this by abandoning your villages in all the worlds that you are in. However, you can only abandon one village a week in each world.

If you want to start over after you have multiple villages; you will need to bring your rank down within the game stats so that it will fall off the list (see two images above for rank info). You do that by turning taxes up high and all rations down as far as they will go in all of your villages. You can even go so far as to create a breach in your castle wall - villagers don't like that.

In this way, your points will fall - so that when you create a new account; you can come in without it being a big IP issue. Some people have been banned for creating multiple accounts; and some people have been banned for trying to log into someone else's account - with permission - in order to help them take care of their village while they are gone.

Apparently, not all countries have these IP issues - just be careful so that you don't get banned. If your first account no longer looks like you are playing it so that you can't cheat, it won't be a big deal.

Honor Circle Honor Circle
Zoom in and out of the map with the mouse wheel. If you have something clicked on - like a resource stash - you will see how wide your honor circle is. When you forage and/or attack wolf dens and AI castles within this honor circle - you will receive honor points towards your rank. You can still forage and attack outside of this circle - but you will not receive honor for it.

This is not really a big deal with foraging; but don't waste your troops on attacking a castle if it is not in your honor circle unless you have a good reason - like being an uber-nice neighbor and removing them for a weaker player who can't remove them, yet; so that their villagers could arrive faster. Thank you!! (Villagers don't like to live close to enemies, either.)

Yeah, there are all kind of people who will do all kinds of nice things for you. ;)

If you get lost or want to rename / abandon your village navigation. Navigating the Map
Also, if you wander around to explore the map for very long; you might find yourself getting a little lost and wondering how the heck to get back to your village - just about everyone does that starting out in this game, ha!

At the top of the screen beneath the row of Account tabs - you will find the name of your village. (Probably, you may have inadvertently moved away from that, too.) Click on whatever village/parish/county name that you see listed. When you do, a menu will pop out with options to your villages, parishes, counties, and country, etc. Click on wherever you want to go, and the game will snap you back to your desired destination. You might get a little dizzy the first few times.

I've got the Hovels a little too close to the Town Hall in this image. Continuing First Building Que
5) Three more Stonecutters
6) Inn (only one can be placed)
7) One Hops Farm (place right next to the Inn and remember to increase ale rations for villagers to arrive faster)
8) Hunters Hut (for another beginning quest)
9) Three more Apple Orchards
10) Two more Dairy Farms (we will add more of each later)
11) Another Hovel for more villagers to arrive
12) Market Building for Merchants (see Second Skill Que for learning about merchants - the timing should just about match up. It is okay if it does not.)

Now continue fleshing out your village with the buildings you need:

13) As many stonecutters & woodchoppers your village space will allow for.
14) Up to 8 each of Apple & Dairy Farms. As you learn other food skills, include them. Reminder: A diversified diet makes for happier villagers.
15) Also more Hops, as much as 6-8; but you can also buy ale and/or use a low-ranking card to ramp up ale production for just when you need to increase the population.

Sending Scouts out in Stronghold Kingdoms Second Skill Que
1) Scouts for one bubble (you should have a quest or two for Scouts to complete; but they carry little and move very slowly, at first - and never really get fast unless you use a card, ha!)

After you have at least one scout - and to add any others; go into the ‘Make Units' tab (horse icon) to assign them from your village population. You will need to have an available village person to fill the slot. You will assign Merchants & Monks in the same way, eventually.

Assigning Scouts, Merchants and Monks 2) Foraging for two bubbles - increases how much your scouts can carry. You can start assigning your first scout to collect resources from the world map menu. In the AI wolf world, especially - foraging is one way to win wheel spins to help keep card costs down.
3) Horsemanship for two bubbles - increases how fast your scouts can move. You'll especially need to do this ASAP when starting in a brand new world; or in the AI world if you want to be able to get anything. The foraging competition is high in those two places.
4) Scouts for one bubble
5) Foraging for two bubbles
6) Horsemanship for two bubbles
7) Scouts for one bubble (you should have three Scouts, now - you can add more and increase capacity and speed, later. You can have as many as eight Scouts; and you will want to have them all at max ASAP - but, you can also slow down and slip other things in, now.
8) Mathematics for one - or possibly two bubbles (to access Merchants - your character should be at or close to level five by now to be able to learn that skill)
9) Merchants for three bubbles, to start. (You can study up to five; but three is enough to begin with. You will have quests for them soon if you don't already; and you should have a buildup of Apples or Cheese to sell, now. Assign merchants from your village population like you did for Scouts, above.)
10) Merchant Speed for at least two bubbles - or they will drive you crazy.

It is hard to get these extra skills in, but do it anyway. :) Skills that should be maxed as they become available when leveling up
Don't procrastinate on these, complete them ASAP. You will regret it later if you don't. Toggle them, they won't all be available at the same time. The first three are the early priorities:

Mathematics - Reduces study time and opens other things
Tools - Reduces amount of resources needed to build
Engineering - Increases storage capacity
Castle Construction - Reduces castle build time
Scouts - get all eight maxed in Foraging & Horsemanship
Merchants - get all five with max merchant speed, also
Architecture - Reduces village building time
Arts - Increases Honor and opens other things like Theology for Monks
Philosophy - Reduces the cost of buying Skill points

Where to go from here within Stronghold Kingdoms MMO
The skills & buildings you choose next for your village really depends on ‘where & when you are at' within the game world. Here are some things to take into consideration. Note that you may be in a place where you need to get creative and merge a few of these strategies. Judging and juggling priorities is one of the tricks in Stronghold Kingdoms:

You are going to need money. Building-up Wealth & Resources
After you have a grip on navigating the game and have hopefully made a new friend or two - if the game environment seems relatively peaceful; you can simply continue to build up your character and village without the pressure of having to specialize too early. Be aware that things can and sometimes may change in your area without much of a warning - but, for the most part…

You can probably take the time to max out all beginning food & resource skills- ie. stone, forestry, food, hops, etc. Increasing these skills by even one point makes a big difference in production and creates less of a demand for workers. Maxing them makes the materials available that you need to build your villages & castles faster; while creating excesses to sell for gold. You can add another Market for more Merchants if you need to.

You could add more skills such as Iron Mining; and expand on other skills - like, Plough will lead to Wheat, Bread and Vegetables; and Animal Husbandry will lead to Pig Breeding. The more diverse diet that you can provide for your people by giving them more food options & increased rations; the happier they will be. Happy people will want to come to your village faster; and be more willing to pay higher taxes.

Banquet Panel Banquets for Honor
You can study up more on ‘Banquets' to increase Honor for ranking up. We have a start in this walkthough; and the Hunter's Hut will come in handy no matter what. You can add another one or two if you want. I also often study up one more Banquet skill to include Furniture; and open the Carpentry skill to build a couple Furniture Huts - just for beginning quests and to get a bit of a head start for later.

You hold banquets for honor points by clicking on your town hall for the option.

But Banquet items are expensive and not available to forage in a new world, for a while. I recommend holding off on studying banquets further until you can afford to buy or produce your own banqueting goods. You need resources to build those buildings and they take up space. And, they don't bring in ‘that much' extra money if you decide to become a banquet merchant.

In the beginning, selling oodles of apples, wood or whatever food & recourses you may have in excess is a better way to go.

Parish Village & Buildings The only exception to this might be… If your character ends up becoming Steward of a new Parish; upgrades on some of those buildings require banqueting goods. If that happens, don't necessarily place those buildings first - pay attention to ‘what you have to donate' for upgrades; then add those buildings when you can.

You can also buy and forage for banqueting items for upgrades; but don't count on donations from other players within the parish (if you have neighbors). While there are quests for players to complete Donations; most people don't donate unless it is for a quest - and when the quests are over, they are done.

Stewards often end up carrying most of the weight of a parish. But, they also have control of the parish and parish troops - so there is a good trade off; even though everyone in the parish benefits from the building bonuses.

Vassals receive honor from their Lord Liege. New Worlds, Passive Honor, Lord Liege & Vassals
If you are playing in a newly launched world; OR if you do not plan to spend much money in this game - Passive Honor might be a good strategy to rank as slowly-fast as possible without using many cards.

In a new world, especially - Honor is hard to come by and it will be for a while; because there are not many high-ranking players for Lord Liege positions. A Lord Liege is a higher-ranking player who will take in lower-ranking Vassals - who will then receive daily Honor Points from the LL to help them rank up.

Also, if you don't spend much money in the game; utilizing Passive Honor as soon as possible - along with a Lord Liege - is a good idea if you are getting antsy about how slowly your character is ranking.

If you are in this kind of situation where Honor is scarce for whatever reason (there could be other reasons); maximize these passive honor skills and place the max amount of honor buildings within your village as soon as you can:

Arts - Increases the Honor multiplier in your village and opens more options, like Theology. You are eventually going to need Monks; and Monks will also need Speed.
Entertainment Buildings & Decorations - Place Honor buildings and décor as close to the Town Hall as possible for maximum honor bonuses.

When you are in the castle screen, you can place troops and switch between your troops and Lord Liege troops by clicking on the green/blue flag in the `Troops� panel. More on Lord Liege / Vassal Relationships
If you are not playing in a new world… by now, someone in the game may have already offered to make you their Vassal. There are benefits for both the Lord Liege and the Vassal. Vassals gain daily honor points from their LL; and the LL can (optionally) store troops in your castle - that you can then use to help defend your castle.

This can be a convenient arrangement because a new player can have a little breathing room for building up their own troops. Plus, you have a limited number of troops; and being able to take ‘your' troops out to attack while having someone else's soldiers guard your castle is handy.

Also, your LL can extend their Honor Circle by using your's. Vassals cannot use LL troops aside from protecting their castles; but LL's can use their own troops from your castle to attack within your honor circle on their behalf. Some Lord Liege's heavily use this ability; while others just kind of leave their troops to defend your castle and forget about them. If you have an LL who uses their troops; and you also use them to defend your Keep - make sure to replace them on your castle walls every time after they return from a battle.

VERY IMPORTANT - NEVER abandon your village or switch to another LL without giving your Lord Liege the opportunity to ‘use up' their troops. This is a good way to make enemies and get a bad reputation within the game - and your reputation can sometimes follow you from world to world. Troops are very expensive to create, and having them ‘just be gone' is a huge time and money waster. Be considerate. Send them an email and give an LL at least a day or two to deal with their troops.

Military Worlds
If your village happens to land in a hostile environment - ie: a brand new world that is just starting up; warring factions; or the AI PvE (and PvP) 'wolf world' - you will need to tune your skills earlier to a more military stance.

Beginning Military Skills:

1) Command which will increase the amount of soldiers in your army to twenty, thirty, then fifty and increasing to 500. Note that you can only have up to 400 troops in your castle to defend it.

2) Castellation up to at least three to gain access to ‘Defenses' and Guard Houses which will allow you to increase the size of your army in the castle. Level four will gain access to Diplomacy which is important for helping to stop some of the AI castle attacks that will be coming your way. Castellation also opens up Castle Construction that you will also need, shortly.

3) Defenses - build guard houses for as many army slots you intend to have available.

Unless you are starting out in a brand new world, forget about leveling up Peasant Conscription. Armed peasants are almost completely useless unless that is all you have; and it is often worth waiting for access to stronger soldiers and not worth wasting the skill points on them.

Stronghold Kingdoms: Rise of the Wolf AI PvE world in beta - during the Wolf RetaliationThe Wolf and his allies - The Pig, The Snake and The Rat are bad losers after a house wins a Glory Race. Strong Castle Defense & Offense - Army & Military
Castles are the topic within Stronghold Kingdoms that probably gets talked about the most; and has the most information available. YouTube has many examples of how to build good castles; and castle-building can be quite the creative art within the game.

However, if you really want the BEST castle defense with the strongest troops for the best attacking offensives - search for castle designs & strategies for the 'Rise of the Wolf' world currently in beta. Should you cherished this information in addition to you would like to receive more details concerning choicesstoriesyouplayhack394264892.wordpress.Com kindly stop by our own web page. This PvE (player vs. environment) world throws even veterans who have been playing SK for years for a loop - mostly because Firefly does such a bad job of marketing for it by making people believe that it will be an easier game to play.

But, if you can survive in Stronghold Kingdoms: Rise of the Wolf, you can survive just about anywhere (sans heavy carders). And even then, you are on more equal footing because they have to deal with the same tough AI castles that you do.

Happy Hunting!

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Multiplayer Online GamesUltimate Perfect World Assassin Build Guide
by Leonard L Sampson2

Multiplayer Online GamesNodiatis Guide - Tips and Tricks for Beginners
by Darrin Perez1

Multiplayer Online GamesBest Dota 2 offlane heroes
by Michael0

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