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The USFS has been conducting investigations, response actions, and remedial actions since 1994.  The document library contains documents that describe the work done to date and that form the basis for the USFS’s decisions regarding response actions at the Site.  The documents are organized into categories.  You can also search for documents by stitle, description, category, author and date by pressing the green Search button to the right.  You may also search for words contained in the body of documents.

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Nemo Guest Ranch
Public Meetings & Notes
Engineering & Construction Documents
Meeting Summaries
Groundwater Monitoring Reports
EDB Technical Documents
Decision Documents

Public Meetings and Notices

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Dear Neighbor Letter - ConstructionUSFS letter to the Nemo community describing schedule and activities associated with the 2018 USFS water distribution system construction project.276.79 KB
Public Meeting Minutes March 2018Nemo Community Meeting to present the USFS Remedial Design of the Nemo Water System588.36 KB
Letters to Residents- 2018 Remedial DesignAnnouncement of Public Meeting to present remedial design. Date: March 15, 2018 Time: 6:30PM Location: Nemo Community Center, Nemo, SD865.03 KB
Final Interim RODDecember 20163.83 MB
Interim ROD Fact SheetJune 2017149.99 KB
Proposed Plan Fact Sheet August 201561.20 KB
Proposed Plan July 20154.84 MB
Final Remedial InvestigationApril 201519.53 MB
Final Feasibility Study ReportApril 20154.88 MB
Letter to the Office of the Adjutant General re. Public Notice
DEC2006_0448_L US Forest Service December 7, 2006
334.43 KB
Nemo Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study Project Presentation
Jun2010_0640_P Weston Solutions June 29, 2010
2.28 MB
Public Notice for Removal of Possibily Hazadous Materials
OCT1996_1099_D US Forest Service October 21, 1996
71.56 KB
Letter from Bureau of Reclamation Regarding Nemo Preliminary Assesment
FEB1995_1108_L US Bureau of Reclamation February 7, 1995
33.33 KB
Transmittal of Nemo Preliminary Assessment
FEB1995_1107_D US Forest Service February 10, 1995
139.09 KB
Letter to Ron Wick Concerning Work to be Conducted at Nemo Work Center
JUL2000_1042_D US Forest Service July 12, 2000
458.01 KB
Letter to Brian and Joan Rech re. Domestic Well Results
OCT2005_0371_L US Forest Service October 7, 2005
65.45 KB
Letter to Carl Buettner re. Domestic Well Results
OCT2005_0369_L US Forest Service October 7, 2005
98.39 KB
Letter to Dan Martin re. Domestic Well Results
OCT2005_0375_L US Forest Service October 7, 2005
38.40 KB
Letter to Dennis Martin re. Domestic Well Results
OCT2005_0373_L US Forest Service October 7, 2005
73.80 KB
Letter to Wayne and Linda Allgier re. Domestic Well Results
OCT2005_0370_L US Forest Service October 7, 2005
66.27 KB
Letter to Margie Ford re. Domestic Well Results
OCT2005_0374_L US Forest Service October 7, 2005
65.48 KB
Letter to Larry Hauser re. Domestic Well Results
OCT2005_0372_L US Forest Service October 7, 2005
65.37 KB
Letter to Homestake Mining Company
SEP1998_0770_L US Forest Service September 29, 1998
168.80 KB
Letter to Nemo Fire Department Regarding Potential Water Source
MAY2005_0323_L US Forest Service May 5, 2005
49.25 KB
Invitation, Mailing List, and Agenda for USFS Public Meeting on July 28, 2005
JUL2005_0345_L US Forest Service July 12, 2005
176.32 KB
Invitation to Nemo Residents for Public Meeting on July 28, 2005
JUL2005_0827_D US Forest Service July 12, 2005
1.21 MB
E-mail re. Notice of Availability of Draft EECA and Administrative Record
JUL2005_0343_E US Forest Service July 5, 2005
95.36 KB
Community Relations Plan, Nemo Work Center Clean Up
NA_0876_D US Forest Service Unknown
55.91 KB
Affidavit of Publication - Draft EECA
JUL2005_0819_D US Forest Service July 9, 2005
463.58 KB
E-mail to SD DENR re. Public Notice re. Nemo Water Supply System
JUN2006_0932_E US Forest Service June 21, 2006
21.81 KB
Status Brief to Lawrence County Commissioners
MAY2008_0904_D US Forest Service May 13, 2008
1.12 MB
Letter to SD DENR Regarding October 2006 Groundwater Results
APR2007_0474_L US Forest Service April 6, 2007
44.30 KB
Letter to SD DENR for Ground Water Pumping, Treatment and Discharge Design Drawings
JAN2006_0395_L US Forest Service January 11, 2006
51.74 KB
Cover Letter from USFS to Pete Lein and Sons Regarding EECA
FEB2006_0405_L US Forest Service February 17, 2006
65.11 KB
Letter to SD DENR Regarding May 2005 Groundwater Results
OCT2005_0376_L US Forest Service October 7, 2005
32.49 KB
Notice of Availability of Draft EECA and Administrative Record
JUL2005_0828_D US Forest Service July 6, 2005
107.47 KB
Notice of Availability of Draft EECA and Administrative Record
JUN2010_0632_D US Forest Service June 2010
889.72 KB
Nemo Work Center RI/FS Fact Sheet #1
JUN2010_0630_D Weston Solutions June, 2010
491.32 KB

Investigations, Fate and Transport

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Indoor Air Monitoring Report August 2013, Nemo Work CenterNov2013_1138_R AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc. November 20132.55 MB
Sampling and Analysis Plan: Indoor Air MonitoringJul2013_1137_D AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc July 23, 20132.75 MB
Groundwater Monitoring Report September 2012, Nemo Work CenterDec2012_1136_R AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc. December 201215.92 MB
Sampling and Analysis Plan: Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring ProgramSep2012_1135_D AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc. September 14, 20122.26 MB
Contaminant Survey & Site Characterization, Vol. 3
SEP1997_0704_R EnviroSearch International September 3, 1997
Contaminant Survey & Site Characterization, Vol. 2
SEP1997_0712_R EnviroSearch International September 3, 1997
Contaminant Survey & Site Characterization, Vol. 1
SEP1997_0861_R EnviroSearch International September 3, 1997
Level III Heritage Resource Inventory of the Nemo Work Station Site
Sep1995_1110_R Carl Lindstrom September 1, 1995
2.42 MB
Work Plan for Contamination Survey/Hydrogeologic Characterization
OCT1996_1064_E EnviroSearch International October 29, 1996
257.91 KB
Sampling Plan, Nemo Work Center Cleanup
NA_1039 unknown unknown
42.34 KB
Updated Standard Operating Procedures
MAR1997_1053_D EnviroSearch International March 12, 1997
632.54 KB
Historical Aerial Photo Investigation
AUG2008_0555_D USFS - RSAC August 2008
3.16 MB
Engineering Evaluation and Cost Analysis
SEP1996_0857_R US Forest Service September 21, 1996
270.75 KB
EE/CA Technical Memorandum
NOV2001_0866_L Millennium Science & Engineering November 16, 2001
420.14 KB
Draft Pesticide Source Investigation
MAR1997_0858_R EnviroSearch International March 5, 1997
2.08 MB
Geophysical Survey Report
JUN2002_0867_L Millennium Science & Engineering June 5, 2002
65.30 MB
Geophysical Survey Report
JUN1996_0865_R Maxim Technologies June 6, 1996
1.69 MB
Draft EECA
MAY2005_0330_R Millennium Science & Engineering May 13, 2005
15.39 MB
Soil Gas Survey Report
MAR2008_0522_R URS March 6, 2008
3.27 MB
Preliminary Asessment
DEC1994_0702_R US Bureau of Reclamation November 21, 1994
22.03 MB
UST Removal at Nemo Work Center
OCT1989_0979_L Gene Nelson October 10, 1989
2.34 MB
Potential Impact to the Homestake Property from the Nemo Work Center
SEP1998_0769_L EnviroSearch International September 10, 1998
168.80 KB
EDB Investigative Report
SEP1997_0864_R Jim Emery 1997
921.59 MB
Work Plan for Mitigation of Contaminated Water Supply
OCT1996_0798_L EnviroSearch International October 30, 1996
495.60 KB
Recommendations for Collection of Final Remedial Investigation Data
OCT2009_0593_E Weston Solutions October 22, 2009
200.23 KB
Letter to SD DENR Regarding Reclassification of Nemo Water System
OCT2004_0221_L US Forest Service October 18, 2004
184.61 KB
Groundwater Contamination Associated with Nemo Work Station
OCT1996_0781_L EnviroSearch International October 18, 1996
248.16 KB
Project Site Sampling and Analysis Plan
MAY2005_0851_R Millennium Science & Engineering May 2005
416.85 KB
Revised Phase 2 Work Plan, Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
MAR2010_0970_R Weston Solutions March 1, 2010
799.04 KB
Quality Assurance Project Plan
JUL2009_0885_D Weston Solutions July 2009
513.52 KB
Effects of Anisotropic Transmissivity on a Contaminant Plume at Nemo, South Dakota
FEB2002_0954_A P. Rahn & C. Johnson February 1, 2002
769.70 KB
Preliminary Remedial Alternatives Assessment
DEC1997_0759_R EnviroSearch International December 5, 1997
293.39 KB
Final Field Sampling Plan, Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
AUG2009_0884_D Weston Solutions August 2009
8.02 MB
Letter to EPA Inquiring about Class V Underground Injection Control Program
APR2006_0412_L US Forest Service April 3, 2006
62.96 KB

Engineering and Construction Documents

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Nemo WC Work Plan and Health and Safety PlanWork Plan and Health and Safety Plan for the Nemo Work Center CERCLA Support Task Order, October 28, 20173.88 MB
Nemo EDB Waste Determination Rationale & Associated Cost
NA_0697_D unknown unknown
66.69 KB
Drinking Water System Expansion EECA
MAY2005_0328_R Millennium Science & Engineering May 10, 2005
10.67 MB
April 2000 Groundwater Monitoring Report & EDB Remedial Pilot Test
DEC2001_0714_R Millennium Science & Engineering December 12, 2001
2.59 MB
Ground Water Pumping, Treatment and Discharge Record Drawings
FEB2006_0950_A URS Group February 1996
187.71 KB
EDB Extraction Well Pilot Pumping Test Report
APR2005_0291_R URS Group April 12, 2005
6.54 MB
Alternative Water Supply Analysis
JAN1997_0009_R EnviroSearch International January 23, 1997
1.68 MB
Completion of Nemo Domestic Water Supply System
APR1998_0863_R EnviroSearch International April 9, 1998
2.08 MB
Ground Water Pumping, Treatment and Discharge Design Drawings
JAN2006_0882_D URS Group January 1996
81.29 MB
Conceptual Design - Groundwater Pumping, Treatment, and Discharge
DEC2005_0706_R URS Group December 2005
3.33 MB
Nemo Water System On-site Evaluation
MAR2006_0933_L SD DENR March 2, 2006
352.48 KB
Nemo Work Center EDB Groundwater Treatment System
OCT2006_0430_L US Forest Service October 17, 2006
93.99 KB
Nemo Work Center Health and Safety Plan
AUG2009_0969_R Weston Solutions August 2009
1.87 MB
As Builts for Ground Water Pumping, Treatment and Discharge System
JAN2007_0967_R URS Group January 1997
503.00 KB


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Still Searching: Officials Continue to Search for Source of Nemo Contamination
OCT1996_1103_A Black Hills Pioneer October 4, 1996
334.43 KB
Poisoned: Forest Service Probes Toxins Dumped at Nemo
OCT1996_1100_A Black Hills Pioneer October 19, 1996
184.63 KB
Insecticide Found in Nemo Wells
OCT1996_1098_A Lawrence County Centennial October 23, 1996
146.27 KB
Agency Admits Testing Nemo Water Too Late
OCT1996_1097_A Rapid City Journal October 25, 1996
72.41 KB
Insecticide Traces Found in Some Nemo Wells
OCT1996_1095_A Aberdeen American News October 19, 1996
117.48 KB
Report: Nemo water testing recommended in '95
OCT1996_1093_A Black Hills Pioneer October 23, 1996
154.77 KB
Nemo Contamination: USFS Admits They Knew of Problem in '94
OCT1996_1092_A Black Hills Pioneer October 22, 1996
65.37 KB
Excavation fails to find Nemo area contamination source
NOV1996_1102_A Black Hills Pioneer November 1, 1996
130.04 KB
Search of Contaminants at Nemo Delayed
NOV1996_1094_A Lawrence County Centennial November 6, 1996
64.50 KB
Insecticide Found in Nemo Wells
NA_1096_A Unknown Unknown
243.45 KB
Chemical Concerns: EDB poison level above norm at Hardy Campus
DEC1996_1101_A Black Hills Pioneer December 11, 1996
121.76 KB
Commission Hears ABC's of EDB's
APR2007_0949_A Lawrence County Journal April 11, 2007
41.27 KB
USFS Seach for Poison Continues in Nemo
MAY1997_0751_A Black Hills Pioneer May 10, 1997
160.03 KB
Water Ways: Nemo's Water Supply Place Back On Line
NOV1997_0981_A Black Hills Pioneer November 7, 1997
1.76 MB

Meeting Summaries

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Summary of September 22, 2011 Meeting with SD DENR
SEP2011_1090_M AMEC September 23, 2011
26.29 KB
Minutes from Community Meeting held on January 13, 1997
JAN1997_1048_D US Forest Service January 13, 1997
144.70 KB

Groundwater Monitoring Reports

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Final 2017 Nemo Work Center LTM ReportThis letter report provides results and recommendations from the groundwater sampling event in November 2017 for COC EDB. 4.30 MB
Final Sampling and Analysis Plan, October 24, 2017SAP for long-term monitoring, Nemo Work Center, EDB COC.5.53 MB
Groundwater Monitoring Letter Report, October 2006
MAR2007_0471_R URS Group March 28, 2007
4.20 MB
Groundwater Monitoring Letter Report, May 2007
OCT2007_0966_R URS Group October 19, 2007
29.03 MB
Fourth Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Report for Nemo Guest Ranch
OCT2003_0057_R SD DENR October 8, 2003
6.50 MB
Groundwater Sampling Results - October 1998
NOV1998_0722_R EnviroSearch International November 16, 1998
1.27 MB
First and Second Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring and Exposure Pathway Evaluation Report at the Nemo Guest Ranch
MAR2003_0037_R RESPEC March 14, 2003
3.12 MB
Groundwater Sampling Results - January 1999
MAR1999_0719_R EnviroSearch International March 5, 1999
2.04 MB
Draft Nemo Semiannual Groundwater Monitoring Report, April 2002
JUN2002_0705_R Millennium Science & Engineering June 7, 2002
2.34 MB
April 1999 Groundwater Monitoring Report
JUN1999_0718_R EnviroSearch International June 30, 1999
1.23 MB
Nemo Domestic Well and Soil Sampling and Testing, May 2005
JUL2005_0346_R Millennium Science & Engineering July 13, 2005
3.76 MB
May 2005 - Nemo Groundwater Monitoring Report
JUL2005_0342_R Millennium Science & Engineering July 5, 2005
9.43 MB
Groundwater Monitoring and Supplementary Site Characterization Report, April - May 1998
JUL1998_0859_R EnviroSearch International July 3, 1998
5.83 MB
October 2001 Groundwater Monitoring Report
JAN2002_0715_R Millennium Science & Engineering January 30, 2002
1.54 MB
Groundwater Monitoring Letter Report, November 2007
FEB2008_0520_R URS Group February 25, 2008
8.66 MB
Draft Nemo Semiannual Groundwater Monitoring Report, October 2002
DEC2002_0713_R Millennium Science & Engineering December 13, 2002
1.95 MB
October 2000 Groundwater Monitoring Report
DEC2000_0716_R Millennium Science & Engineering December 14, 2000
1.36 MB
September 1999 Groundwater Monitoring Report
DEC1999_0717_R Millennium Science & Engineering December 3, 1999
1.02 MB
Groundwater Sampling Results - November 1997
DEC1997_0758_R EnviroSearch International December 5, 1997
752.15 KB
Draft Nemo Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report, May 2003
AUG2003_0044_R Millennium Science & Engineering August 4, 2003
5.34 MB
April 2001 Groundwater Monitoring Report
AUG2001_0027_R Millennium Science & Engineering August 30, 2002
2.66 MB
Groundwater Sampling Results - July 1998
AUG1998_0721_R EnviroSearch International August 21, 1998
1.29 MB

EDB Technical Documents

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Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents
NOV1995_1114_D ACGIH 1995 - 1996
391.87 KB
Reduction of EDB in the Presence of Zero-valent Iron
NOV1998_1082_R V. Rajagopal & D. Burris 1999
64.68 KB
EDB and 1,2-DCA from leaded gasoline may dominate health risk at underground storage tank sites
NA2008_1075_A R. Falta 2008
206.20 KB
Aging Effects on the Sorption–Desorption Characteristics of Anthropogenic Organic Compounds in Soil
NA2003_1083_R M. Sharer, 2003
109.69 KB
Biogeochemical & Hydrological Processes Controlling the Transport & Fate of EDB in Soil and Ground Water, Central Florida
NA1993_1088_R B. Katz 1993
1.52 MB
Temporal Variation of EDB in an Unconfined Aquifer, Whatcom County, WA: A Twenty-Seven Month Study
NA1991_1087_R J. Richard Mayer, 1991
340.90 KB
Environmental Chemistry of EDB in Soil and Ground Water
NA1989_1072_R J. Pignatello & S. Cohen 1990
1.36 MB
EDB Trends in Upper Floridian Aquifer, Seminole County, Georgia, October 1981 - November 1987
NA1988_1071_R J. McConnell 1988
463.20 KB
Movement and Fate of EBD in Ground Water in Seminole County, GA
NA1987_1080_R J. McConnell 1987
2.63 MB
Photohydrolysis of Ethylene Dibromide
NA1985_1086_R C. Castro & N. Belser 1985
376.87 KB
Controversy of the Risks of EDB, Letter Editor in the New England Journal of Medicine
NA_1077_A S. Havas & B. Walker Unknown
156.10 KB
Field-Observed Ethylene Dibromide in an Aquifer After Two Decades
MAY1989_1085_R J. Pignatello, 1990
1.08 MB
EDB: A Case Study on Communicating Risk
MAY1985_1076_A H. Sharlin 1986
386.26 KB
Simulation of the Effect of Remediation on EDB & 1,2-DCA Plumes at Sites Contaminated by Leaded Gasoline
MAR2009_1084_R J. Henderson, 2009
1.45 MB
Biodegradation of Ethylene Dibromide Through Cometabolic Mechanisms
JUN2001_1073_R A. Leeson, 2001
172.01 KB
Toxological Profile For 1,2-Dibromoethane
JUL1992_1049_R ATSDR July 1992
2.91 MB
EPA Engineering Assessment of EDB Pesticide Destruction Technologies
JAN1989_1081_R EPA January 1989
807.09 KB

Decision Documents

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EPA Request for Information to Conduct a Hazard Ranking System Evaluation
JAN2012_1055_L EPA January 23, 2012
90.58 KB
Memorandum - Ethylene Dibromide in Nemo, SD
OCT1996_1003_L EPA October 28, 1996
2.61 MB
Letter from USFS to SD DENR Regarding CERCLA Removal Action
DEC1995_0776_L US Forest Service December 1, 1995
170.01 KB
Nemo Workstation Site Cleanup Decision Memo
OCT1996_0896_L US Forest Service October 24, 1996
60.88 KB
Transmittal of Removal Action Memorandum to SD DENR
OCT1996_0007_L US Forest Service October 23, 1996
122.94 KB
Approved Removal Action Memorandum
OCT1996_0006_L US Forest Service October 23, 1996
121.39 KB
Removal Action Memorandum to EPA
OCT1996_0005_L US Forest Service October 22, 1996
120.28 KB

Nemo Guest Ranch

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SD DENR File re. UST Release at Nemo Guest Ranch
NA_0962_D SD DENR Various
14.59 MB
Responses to USFS Questions Regarding Nemo Guest Ranch
NOV2003_0070_F Millennium Science & Engineering November 24, 2003
233.66 KB
Tank Removal Excavation Observations at the Nemo Guest Ranch
JUN2000_0025_R RESPEC June 9, 2000
2.52 MB
Nemo Guest Ranch UST Removal
JAN2005_0972_R SD DENR January 14, 2005
3.98 MB
Well Installation and Groundwater Monitoring Report for Nemo Guest Ranch
JUN2002_0031_R RESPEC June 20, 2002
1.63 MB